Crittenton Center

Well hello there, everyone!

I haven’t been progressing on this as fast as I would like, but school is so demanding right now! Aside from that though, I’ve been trying to get some extra Crittenton stuff completed in my spare time.

One layout Jennifer and I had agreed upon was an acknowledgments page. As far as the illustration goes, it features any vegetable that didn’t make it into the book (just if I coincidentally missed something) and the tractor because it may/may not fit into the story.

This is the acknowledgments page illustration in its half-inked stage. I had a lot of issues with it, and I’m really not too sure why! I think it was just difficult because of the complexity of the tractor (I’ve never been great with machinery) and the tomato trellis… and possibly the complexity of the scene in general. The plan for this is to have a sort of “U”-shaped composition, and in the white space the names of organizations that helped would be added in InDesign. Perfection.

I began to tackle the page with marker. I don’t think I had finished sketching it before I had started to color.. Sometimes I feel like I hit a wall either sketching or inking and have to solidify some of the concepts I already have on my page.

Here it is, semi-finished. I need to add the rest of the ground, and I want to add some watercolor-splashed sky like I did in the vegetable backgrounds. Otherwise, though, I am pretty pleased with it. Some photoshopping should bump the colors and get rid of small inking mistakes that I may/may not have made haha

Also: a snippet of some extra little additions I did. I would have added the watercolor backgrounds to them today, but my MASKING FLUID is MISSING. The dandelion will be all brown, grey, green…. acidic and dark and evil and gross-looking. That one should be fun, and I’m pretty excited to actually finish them.

To be honest, I’m pretty excited to finish all of it! I’ve got a bunch started, but nothing done to completion just yet. It will happen so soon. Hopefully, something before Friday so I can show them.

What has everyone else been working on lately? How do you all keep up with deadlines? I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator sometimes! Hope to hear from you 🙂

-Alyssa Lee

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