Daily Doodle: 365 Lives

I’ve always wanted to do a 365 “doodle-a-day” project but never really found anything that I could stick to. A year-long project always seemed like a good way to force myself into learning and perfecting a skill I haven’t quite yet developed (for instance, hand-lettering), but it also seemed like a daunting task; I could never imagine myself committing. For a while, I forgot to draw for the enjoyment of drawing, but 2013 would hopefully bring change.

And lucky me, it did! A few days before the new year, an idea struck me for this doodle-a-day project. I decided that cats would be the perfect subject for me, and I could explore realistic sketches of cats, alongside cat illustrations, cartoons, and possibly type-explorations.

So, one month later and I’m still drawing a cat a day! It’s fun because I don’t feel constrained to one type of drawing; the subject matter leaves me with a lot of creative freedom. Below, in no particular order, are some of my favorite doodles from January:

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