Dear Diary: new comics

It’s been a while since I’ve scanned my diaries, and I still have a million piling up to draw! I just thought I’d share my daily thoughts and happenings before I forget. I’d have to post even more than what I’m about to, if that happened, and no one wants that. That, and I got scan crazy today, and I need something posted so I feel like I accomplished something today.

Back in October, I started to draw a cartoon a day. They were just supposed to be quick, daily doodles, something fun and fast to remember the day. I did my first one, and asked my professor if there was any way I could incorporate it (or that style) into my thesis show. In retrospect, I don’t think they’d be show-appropriate, but Chris Holbrook suggested that the power of many of them might be really interesting. So, I really try to keep up with them.

Let me know what you all think. Fun fact: I wanted to go to school for animation, but that didn’t quite work out.

I also apologize for formatting. I still need a WordPress formatting lesson. Hope you enjoy!

-Alyssa Lee

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