Illustrations Almost Done

I have been working non-stop over my Spring Break on the illustrations for the Crittenton Centers. I needed to e-mail them with my progress today, so I thought I’d post a little about where I’m at with my illustrations. My home scanner is much too small for these pictures, so I just took some photographs.

Here is everything laid out. All of my hard work, and it doesn’t even look like that much!

Following are just a few illustrations of the Crittenton Kids that are my personal favorites.

I also needed to draw a picture of a weed stealing all of the sun from sprouts.

And I don’t care if the Center wants to avoid using a blonde-haired white child, I don’t care if they want their book to have diverse children, I’m putting myself in! It will balance everything out, right??

I have much, much more that I sent, but these are just my favorite previews for the book! I have a lot of work ahead of me still to make these perfect for printing, but I have been a machine  the past week and finished a lot for the Center.

They’re all done with Micron pen, which Micheal’s apparently doesn’t sell, and Prismacolor marker. I then go back over the marker with a white pencil for the highlights and a little extra flair! haha

I’ve also gone through hell with the Prismacolor markers! First, my brick beige died, followed by my dark brown. So I found some other dried up markers, and spent $30 replacing six. Then I discovered that dark brown and light umber are EXACTLY the same color. It’s ok, I didn’t need that $5 anyways. Then my avocado green died, and I drove out and replaced it. Then my dark green died, and I drove out and replaced it. And now my true blue and turquoise are dead. Fantastic! I have literally made 4 trips to area Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby… oh goodness, maybe I’ll hold off for a bit.

After I finish the illustrations, I just need to Photoshop them to perfection and then layout/typeset the book. I am overly excited, this has been such a fun (though stressful) project, and I will have a published book! It’s so exciting and a little surreal.. Once this is all done, I have to concentrate full force on my thesis show. Which is soon. And I haven’t done much work. But that is a-ok.

Have a good one, everyone!

-Alyssa Lee

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