well hello! Yours truely here! I thought I’d get this sucker started.

My name’s Alyssa, a budding art student in Illinois. Though I don’t live in Chicago right now (actually quite the opposite, central Illinois), I really hope to graduate university with my BFA in Drawing, and then take classes at Columbia for animation or design.

As far as my art career goes, I’ve been lucky enough to be in a few art shows at my school. I sold two pieces in one of them. I’ve also had my art published in a university-run magazine. Really, I’ve done a bunch of little things, nothing big, but that’s right about where I’d like to be at this point in my life.

I do a lot of fine arts. I really enjoy landscape scenery, wide open spaces, farms. I feel like they really reflect a certain part of who I am and where/how I was brought up. There’s also a sort of free feeling I get when I look at my finished pieces, and being in places like that myself. I really enjoy the vastness of earth and nature, and I really try to convey that same, warm feeling through my fine art pieces.

As far as media is concerned, I enjoy working in many medias; pen and ink, marker, colored pencil are my favorites. I have fun with photography and graphic design as well. I have problems deciding what to do with my life.

But what I do know is that I want to animate. I enjoy cartooning and comic-ing more than most people would think. I write my diary in comic entries. Something about making my characters move and have life really excites me, and my goal is to have my own cartoon someday. Some of my favorite shows are Superjail! for its concept and style, SpongeBob (for the content, not the animation), The Incredibles for its action sequences, Home Movies for their character design, and there are LOTS more, trust me.

The purpose of this art blog is to be a platform to show the public my works in progress, to influence myself to write about other people’s pieces and start getting involved with the current art scene and criticism, and to post pictures of things that inspire me. I also want to post secondarily about fashion, and nothing about my personal life, unless it has something to deal with a piece of work. To see my finished pieces, you can check out Though I don’t update it regularly, it’s still a good catalogue! My previous art journal was at, if you’d like to continue looking through old projects where this blog leaves off.

Hopefully that will give you a lot of insight into who I am as an artist and what I hope to achieve through this blog! I really hope to hear a lot from everyone


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